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                                                                                                              Date: 9 January 2013
Terms of Reference

Position: Human Resources Manager
Duty station: Garowe – TPEC Headquarters
Reporting to: The Transitional Puntland Electoral Commission

Major Tasks and Responsibility:

1. Support development of an effective human resources policies and procedure for the Transitional Puntland Electoral Commission;
2. Prepare the work plan for the human resources department;
3. Responsible for the smooth functioning of the TPEC human resources department;
4. Assist in developing Terms of Reference for the election staff;
5. Support the development of relevant and well defined criteria for the selection of the most qualified and balanced personnel;
6. Serve as a secretary to the Recruitment Panel and keep record of all proceedings of the panel;
7. Maintain an up to date database of the election staff both in electronic and hard copy format;
8. Ensure that all election staff have valid contracts indicating date of start and the end of the contract;
9. Supervise the work of the human resources department;
10. Monitor the progress of the staffing of the key positions;
11. Prepare periodic report of the activities of the election offices in the regions and districts;
12. Periodic Performance evaluation of Regional and District election officers

Qualification & Experience

 University Degree in Business Administration with specialized training in all aspects of HR Management.
 At least 5 years’ experience in managerial position;
 A strong commitment to being a team member;
 Demonstrated ability to deal with time pressure;
 Excellent communication and report writing skills;
 Functional competencies required: successful negotiator, active learner, strong leadership;
 Excellent written and spoken Somali and English languages.
 Good working knowledge of Microsoft Office.
Application Process:

The deadline for the submission of applications is 26 January, 2013. Applicants should send their CVs with a cover letter to the following e-mail: or deliver it to the TPEC Headquarters in a sealed envelope. Please indicate that you are applying for the post of: “Human Resources Manager”. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.
NB: The short listed candidates will be required to bring original copy of their certificates and supporting documents.

Human Resources Manager


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