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Uganda boy exchanges letters with Obama

If there is any head of state many Ugandans would wish to meet, that would be US President Barack Obama.

Ten-year-old Christopher Kule, a Class Four pupil at Rwentutu Christian Primary School in Kasese District has the same dream, and while he has not yet met the President, you could say he is a step ahead of the rest. This is because Kule received a letter from White House, after having written to the American President.

The pupil believes that exchanging letters with the US President was the first step. He hopes that they will meet one day.

It all started when Kule wrote a letter during a class exercise when they were tasked to write seeking help on community issues.

Kule’s letter caught the eye of the American student teacher doing internship at his school in Rwentutu, who claimed his grandmother was a friend to a White House aide and promised to send the letter to the President.

“I just decided to write to the President of America because I thought he would solve Uganda’s problems,” Kule explains.

He said his letter requested America to support Uganda in curbing insurgency and promoting peace. His teacher, Mr Dasiel Rau, promised that he would post his letter to the White House in Washington.

Human rights violation

A few days later, he reported that the letter had been received and sent to the President’s office.

President Obama replied in a letter dated July 10, this year accompanied with his signed portrait.

The US President addressed issues of human rights and conflicts in Africa and the Middle East.

President Obama said: “I am committed to reinvigorating America’s leadership on a range of international human rights issues because the US opposes the use of violence and repression against men and women.”

The US leader said the violence that has led to rape, murder and torture of innocent people in Sudan, Syria and the Democratic Republic of Congo has become a stain on the collective conscience.

He told Kule that there is no nation that should be silent in the fight against human rights violation.

The jovial Kule says he looks forward to meeting President Obama.

“I am very happy to have received a reply from President Obama and I have kept everything properly because my hope is to meet him one day. If he comes to Uganda, I need to meet him and if he wants me to go and live with him in America, I am ready,” Kule said.

The boy, who wants to be a medical doctor in future, says there is need for a pupil to have a peaceful environment in order to study well.


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