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Have the Camels Gone East or West?By Hussein Farah

Lately, the modern politics in Somalia has been growing so much that almost all Somalia news sites are roaring with new and “fresh” political Cartoons to show, but what happen to our “old fashion” values that we use to rely? The camels that roam proudly, the poetry we use to make that gave us the name “The land of poets”, have it all disappeared ?The Somali community have yet more to discover about their country that have had a bit of a troublesome history which probably will inspire the somali youth to create a better place for our somali people that even the old men with full of patriotism can say that their current somali President is Siyaad Barre!

   Our community needs a lot and by a lot I mean making sure your children starts eating plates filled with hilib geel and give the children a BIG taste of Somalia’s “old fashioned”  values.So just keep in mind that there’s more to Somalia then just politics and  propaganda. We should stop fighting over political and clanish views and start fighting over the last piece of hilib  geel (camel meat)!


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