Somali refugees in Kenya forced to return back home

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According to the Kenyan government, thousands of Somali refugees and asylum-seekers living in urban centers including its capital, Nairobi, will be required to move to the already overcrowded Dadaab refugee camp complex in North-Eastern Kenya. Dadaab Refugee Camp near the Kenya-Somalia border is already home to more than half a million Somali refugees.

Amnesty International among other organizations has criticized Kenya’s move; terming it as discriminatory and unlawful restriction on freedom of movement. Several major cities in Kenya have come under grenade attacks which have been blamed on Somali Al-Shabaab fighters.

Lately, Mogadishu International Airport has been a beehive of activity as many families stream back into the country after spending years in foreign countries as refugees. Majority of those returning back are women and children from Kenya.

Immigration officials told Press TV that five airlines arrive in Mogadishu almost on a daily basis bringing hundreds of families from Kenya adding that the figures might rise as Mogadishu is experiencing relative peace and calm for the first time in many years.

According to figures from the UN, more than 500,000 Somali nationals are registered in Kenya as refugees, and they make up the vast majority of refugees and asylum-seekers there.

“For many years Somalis have been fleeing their war-torn country to seek asylum in other countries such as Kenya. However many Somali refugees are now forced to return back home as Kenya is taking a tough stance on them particularly in urban areas”.

Sources, PressTV