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An Open Letter to Prime Minister Abdi Farah Shirdon (Saacid)

Youth appeal Dear Saacid 

I am Writing To You As a Proud Young Somali With Great Hope in My Heart For our Beloved Motherland Somalia My Heartiest Congratulations On Being Selected to The Office of Prime Minister And Your Selection Lean Cabinet Of 10 Minister With No 4.5 Formula

The Civil War Crisis Somalia Last 22 Years Hit Hard Somalia Youth In Every Corner As You Know Over 70 Percent of Somalia’s population is under the age of thirty.The unemployment rate for youth aged 14 to 29 is 67 percent one of the highest rates in the world, Unemployment among youths in Somalia has also prompted many to leave The country Many Join unlawful activities Such High Sea Piracy And Terrorism In Order To earn Some Income
Dear Prime Minster With a permanent government in place for the first time in two decades, I appeal You To Focus To Create Jobs Somali Youth Graduated Higher Education And Whom Leaving Far From Capital City Those never Get basic education. I Believe The Only solution Government Can Create Jobs Opportunity Rather Then Relaying NGOs And Private Sector Is To Take Leading rules Like To establish
  1. National Youth Organization
  2. National youth empowerment fund 
  3. Youth quota in govt jobs
  4. improve fair an equitable secondary education services for Somali youth,
  5. enroll police and military service not only Capital but select every Corner
Mr. Prime minister , Somalia needs your ability to build consensus on these issues now more than ever. Destiny has given us another chance to redeem ourselves and help build One somalia that the coming generations will be proud to inherit and committed to nurture. Your leadership can help pave the way for an enlightened youth where education is given the highest priority and is guaranteed by a robust justice delivery mechanism. I hope you do not regard my letter as merely the rant of an idealistic youngster, but treat it as the exhortation of your children and theirs
Somalia Hanoolaato
Twitter @inagalayr


Akhriste Halkani Hoose Ku Qor Fikradada (2)

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