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Somalia:- Puntland President Meets over 60 DGs

Puntlandsun: The wide-ranging conference in presidential palace of Garowe on Wednesday 23, July, was a meeting which the president focused on upsurge the administration’s READ MORE

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farooe vs gas

Somalia:- Puntland: Cabinet Reshuffle Will Take Place

Puntlandsun: – Vicissitudes and reforms are expecting to take place in the administration of Puntland. The current cabinet ministers will be reshuffled, Puntlandsun has learnt READ MORE

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South African schoolboy aged NINE marries 62-year old woman
- Jul 19, 2014  Nine-year-old Saneie Masilela has become the world’s youngest groom for the second time after remarrying the 62-year-old woman he tied the knot with last year. Dressed in a silvery tuxedo, baby-faced Saneie clutched ...
SOMALIA:- Counterterrorism Laws Intensify Somali Food Crisis, Experts Say
- Jul 18, 2014 London — Counterterrorism laws restricting the flow of cash to Somalia are severely harming efforts to prevent a famine similar to the 2011 catastrophe which killed 260,000 people, experts have ...
Puntland’s draft media law requires broad consultations, says NUSOJ
- Jul 17, 2014
18 July 2014 The National Union of Somali Journalists (NUSOJ) has today called for extensive consultations on Puntland’s draft media law to ensure the legislation is consistent with provisional constitution of ...
SOMALIA:- Somaliland Arrest Journalists In Las-Anod
- Jul 17, 2014 Adan Mohamed  Karama , who works for the universal TV- in Las-anod was arrested by Somaliland Police in Las-Anod  on 14 Julay-2014  READ MORE
SOMALIA:- Sheikh Ali Jabal vows to intensify attacks in Mogadishu
- Jul 16, 2014 Sheikh Ali Mohamed Hussein (Ali Jabal), a senior Al-Shabaab official, said that the terrorist organization will continue to stage attacks in Mogadishu. READ MORE
hassan sheekh sawir
SOMALIA:- Exclusive: U.N. monitors allege ‘conspiracy’ to divert Somali assets
- Jul 16, 2014 A United Nations panel that monitors compliance with U.N. sanctions on Somalia has accused the country’s president, a former minister, and a U.S. law firm of conspiring to divert ...
sharmaake omaba
SOMALIA:- Somali Ambassador to the USA Meets Obama After 20- Years
- Jul 15, 2014
New-York ( Somalia has appointed the country’s first ambassador to the United States in more than twenty years, Former primeminiser Omar Abdirashid Ali Shamarke  READ MORE PUNTLANDSUN
somaliland falg
SOMALIA:- Buraan- Anti Somaliland Demonstration
- Jul 15, 2014
Buraan ( Tuesday July 15th, Hundreds of  people demonstrated  in  city of Buraan a historical town in Sanaag region. The angry protesters where the local inhabitants where, traditional leaders, politician, women and teenagers gathered in city center shouting ...
SOMALIA:- Puntland Motion against parliament speaker
- Jul 14, 2014
- The Administration of Puntland has been in political disintegration and conflicts for a couple of weeks as accusation wherein raise, it has been reported that the parliament has a ...
siilaanyo 2
Somaliland:-Ethiopia denies entry visa for Somaliland president over links to Radicalist
- Jul 12, 2014
Puntlandsund (Hargaisa):- The diplomatic ties of Somaliland Administration to the other countries in the region has been in tension and deteriorating, as the administration is being linked to Islamist group and ...
Puntland: Inauguration of Traditional Leader
- Jul 12, 2014
Puntlandsun (Carmo) The Traditional leader of Ali Saleban, a Majerteen sub clan leader, is expected to be inaugurated as locals elders of the clan has announced Read More 
khaatumo Force
Somalia:- Somaliland attacks Sah-Dheer Village
- Jul 12, 2014
Puntlandsun(Sah-Dheer) The administration Of Somaliland  has attacked the Sah- Dheer village of Khatumo early Morning Suturday, Julay,12-According to reports from independent sources that Puntlandsun has received [caption id="attachment_369" align="alignright" width="300"] Khatumo military ...

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